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What can you do to control pesticides?


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What can you do to control pests?

  1. Identify pests, decide how much pest control is necessary.

  2. Eliminate pest sources, rotate crops in your garden

  3. Develop a weed resistant yard, grow grass suited to your climate

  4. Use biological controls, encourage beneficial insect predators

  5. Use simple manual methods. Mulch can reduce weed growth, set traps to insects

  6. Use chemical pesticides carefully, buy right pesticide product and dispose excess properly.

1. 识别有害生物,决定需要多少有害生物防治。

2. 消除有害生物来源,在花园中轮作农作物 建立一个抗杂草的院子,种植适合您气候的草

3. 使用生物防治措施,鼓励有益的昆虫捕食者 使用简单的手动方法。

4. 覆盖物可以减少杂草的生长,使昆虫陷入陷阱

5. 小心使用化学农药,购买合适的农药产品并适当处理过量的农药。

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